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Early Career Hook Up & Youth Professional Development

Career hookup is not new terminology but an idea of exploring your skills, specialties, interest to transform into your career. It is another name of early career development that enables young minds to grow, nurture, and be better in what they do. 

Therefore, the BBPN team captures the young Black talent and helps them identify their career goals. We aim to create an environment, provide a comprehensive pathway, and polish their existing skills to match their respective career requirements to prepare them for the business world. It helps our black community to develop decision-making skills and hold significant knowledge about the market and their profession. 


Professional Guidance

Not only are we focusing on growing black businesses, but also serving the community. That is our utmost priority. BBPN provides mentorship to Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Students, Frustrated employees, and every black individual who is willing to play their part in the corporate world. The professional guidance from our experts and mentors enhances employee skills, provides market knowledge, ways to expand their network, and promotes diversity in the competitive world. 

Our mentors have exceptional communication skills that easily attract thriving minds and guide them to the right path. We believe career choices need attention, and one should never do anything forcefully. Hence, exploring an interest, receiving the right knowledge, getting the right direction to move, and making the right decision is essential for a prosperous future.



After exploring the interest and making a career goal, the next step is to offer a relative course, coach, and provide training to prepare the candidates for their professional roles. Coaching and training is a mixture of many academic and fun activities related to the corporate world designed to enhance skills associated with the specific task. Be it communication skills or time management skills, and everything holds importance in businesses. 

Therefore, the BBPN team ensures our clients/candidates/Entrepreneurs/Professionals are motivated to perform and possess the essential skills that eventually decide their success. We design several training sessions that guide candidates about their respective fields. 

Hence, training and development are not only about employee growth but also benefits the organization. The chance of hiring a trained recruit in the leading companies is high. 


Events for Expanding Networks/ Connections

Our other focus lies in designing interesting and beneficial events to make an interaction between businesses and candidates. It has always been hard for black people to make connections and be perceived as respected professionals in their respective fields, and feeling alone in today's era is no more a choice. Thus, the BPTN team encourages all black individuals and businesses to join for networking and provide a forum to employees to top up their game. 

The events promote an engaging experience, release the interview anxiety, and provide a significant idea about the black corporate world. Also, these events help in generating immediate feedback and work on the low point while we can. 

These events work as a recruitment drive for the freshers to showcase their communication or networking skills and attract companies to secure a position. The experts in BBPN realize the need for events and how much creativity it brings along. 


Networking & Job readiness Seminar

Are you looking to find the best-qualified applicant to develop a talent pool in your organization? You can become a potential Black Business and Professionals Network partner to secure a strong employer branding specialist badge and extend your reach to capable, talented, and deserving candidates to fill your vacant positions. 

Our vast database of Black Entrepreneurs, young talent and Professionals will save your time in making recruitment strategies, facing the hurdles of the recruitment process, and definitely reduce the cost. Also, the BBPN Recruit program prepares the individuals and makes High-quality candidates fill in your gap.


Financial Education for Black People

When we talk about diversity, we forget that being a black person working with different races and sociological backgrounds is still an issue. When you are the only black person around, people notice you and your work performance. Besides, your confidence level and capacity to perform better may suffer, and you might find yourself questioning, "How long would I last here?"

Well, the team of BBPN have been there, felt that, and decided not to promote this culture. Our other important business service relates to designing the programs, sessions, and seminars to deliver extensive financial education that helps you survive in the finance world. Unfortunately, no one would want to recruit wherever we go or whatever we do when we are not good with managing finances. So, irrespective of our chosen field, financial education to our young black generation should be a must-have. 

 After that, we will arrange the recruitment drive, build confidence in you to speak up, and settle you in the black people community for non-stop growth. 

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