Community Partner

We are introducing our first community partner – Battle Of The Arts New Brunswick (BOTA-NB).

Battle Of The Arts New Brunswick, BOTA-NB

This is a youth focused, intercultural organization that is dedicated to the exploration of cultural diversity and social change through the arts. This organization inspire and create a conducive environment that supports participants channel their gifts, passion and interests in all diverse field of Arts, which include, however not limited to music, dance, visual arts, drama, spoken word, and film. 

What they do?

The organization works with various participants from diverse cultures and religions. The goal is to encourage a world where respect, value and respect for human lives, diversity and equity enhances the essence of human existence.

Place to Learn

The mandate of BOTA is to provide the New Brunswick Youths with inclusive place to learn, practice and engage in the arts. The organization believe it is a pathway to community engagement and social transformation.

Young Talents

The organization comprises of young
talents across new Brunswick who come together to organize various culturally
diverse and inclusive talent shows*
across the Maritimes.

Arts and other cultural activities.

According to the organization's management led by the Chief Creative Officer, Saa Andrew Gbongbor, "it's about bringing communities together and generating excitement around youth, art, cultural diversity, community engagement and child and youth rights."

Over the past nine years, Battle of the arts NB (BOTA) traveled to many communities in New Brunswick and the Maritime to create a stage where diverse youths showcase their crafts and other cultural activities.

Various works and projects like MAP, African Music Award, Afrofest NB, created a platform where Africans celebrate and showcase their culture through music, arts, and drama.


For details on how to donate or get involved with BOTA-NB, kindly click here OR send an email to