Black Business and Professional Network Inc. New Brunswick, Canada


Our journey began on Sep 7, 2020 – Labour Day during a conversation with some black immigrant professionals in the city of Saint John NB.

Since 2021, we have been using our platform to educate, connect, and form bilateral relationships with various individuals, industry leaders, community stakeholders seeking opportunities in their respective careers, businesses and endeavors.


Our platform discovers and showcases black talents and opportunities for the good of the community.


We train people to make workable connections within the community in order to have equal opportunities and representation.


Emerging talents in Businesses, Professions and Cultural endeavors to strengthen the potential for networking gains.

Discover Opportunities & Talent with Black Business and Professional Network Inc. NB, Canada

“We’ve heard very clearly from the Black community that economic empowerment is an essential step toward breaking down those barriers and creating true success, not just for the Black community but for our country,”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Sep 9, 2020

About BBPN

Empowerment for members through access to various opportunities.

Our focus is to keep the conversation going in order to improve the lives of the current and next generation of leaders from the minority group of individuals who identify as black, and to connect with other minority groups to build bilateral relationships and empowerment for common good.

We remain Committed!

How our platform discovers, trains, and develops black talents?

Collaboration with Community & Stakeholders to drive innovation and development in areas aligned with the provincial and federal government.

Connecting with other minority groups to build bilateral relationships and empowerment for all organizations and community.

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What we offer

Our Services

Jobs & Career Networking Fair

Here is an opportunity for you to either explore your skills, interest or transform your hobby into a rewarding career.

Technology & Innovation

Work in progress. Please check back later.


We believe that individuals thrive in a nurturing environment offers After exploring the interest and making a career goal, the next step is to offer a relative course, coach

Arts & Cultural Innovation

Coming Soon


Watch this space!

Financial Literacy

The idea is to empower members and the public with programs and workshops that helps to make informed decisions on debt management and investment opportunities.

We believe in the value of decisive leadership, its impact on youth success, and access to a network of mentors that fill the gap between black talent and career opportunities.

Why Join us?

Provide Connections

We provide black students, entrepreneurs, and professionals the connections and resources they need to excel and thrive in their chosen career through, tech education, IT, e-commerce, and networking that matches those talents to high-skilled roles. 


We assist the entrepreneurs with useful resources that enables them to access valuable assets like training materials and kits, funding, grants, loans, networking opportunities and free consultation services that enable them to establish.


We guide our professionals at any stage of careers along thriving pathways that expand their networks, professional development, and earning potentials.

Financial Education

We constantly seek opportunities to educate and empower all members, and ultimately strive to achieve and maintain financial security for current and future generations.

Help Us!


Support our Black Business and Professional Network community to continue the projects, networking programs and ensure valuable resources available for the growth and development of our generations. 

Kindly support this cause either by spreading the word, or through generous donations.

Your donation and promotion on your platform will play a key role in helping us to accomplish the outreach projects of BBPN.

How to donate:


To be the catalyst for economic, social, and cultural advancement for the black entrepreneurs and professionals in New Brunswick, and across Canada


Empower Black Entrepreneurs & Professionals by creating value through sustainable, efficient growth in all aspects of operational activities, by contributing to economic empowerment & welfare of all its members within New Brunswick & across Canada through entrepreneurship, training, networking, employment, business and funding opportunities.


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