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Black Business Professional Network (BBPN) NB Inc


"Spotlighting the contributions of the black to the academic, professional, business and community success stories in New Brunswick"

About BBPN!

Who we are​?

We are a community of black businesses and Professionals in New Brunswick, Canada. We aim to find, develop, provide opportunity, and guide the black talent pool to excel in New Brunswick.

In the pursuit of building a better future for our black people, this organization is consciously seeking ways to transform various challenges and obstacles into opportunities. 

What we stand for?

Economic Empowerment

We ensure the economic empowerment of our brilliant black entrepreneurs for guaranteed success. We nurture them with training, honest guidance, networking, business opportunities by providing grants or loans, equal opportunities to men and women across Canada, and valuable resources to grow for their personal and career advancements. 

What we offer?

Programs & Activities

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It has been established that although the black population in New Brunswick is relatively small, however, history had it that it the black presence in New Brunswick was established long time ago. There were black settlements on lands granted to those who came as, or with, Loyalists, and other small communities where work was available. Read more here.

In view of all the history and discoveries found in the news about the history of the black race in New Brunswick or anywhere in Canada, one things remains certain, there are some individuals in our community that continues the dialogue with their voice, actions and negotiations in place of work, business and education to ensure that the voices of the blacks as well as other minorities are being heard. They also provide a platform to contribute, mentor and empower individuals and society at large to pursue their dreams.

The Black Business and Professional Network Inc is has a dedicated project to spotlight Heroes & Sheroes in this community. 

The purpose is to recognize and celebrate the efforts of all who have contributed to the development of New Brunswick as blacks and supporters.

The BBPN Heroes shall be an annual project of BBPN.

Please nominate someone by sending an email to the special duties team.


We hope that the stories of these great leaders and changemakers will inspire the current and future generations. 


Youth Development

Catch them Young! Discover, nurture and raise upcoming leaders.

Arts & Culture

Showcasing the rich cultural heritage of all blacks in the community.

Mentorship & Training

We exists to close the knowledge gap by matching mentees with mentors

Networking Events

Are you interested in connecting with industry experts and other professionals that can add value to you? You are in the right place!

Recruitment & Career Fairs

To connect professionals and businesses to jobs and recruiters.

Financial Education

Seminars and workshop on how to be financially independent and debt free.

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