BEKH Event - New Brunswick

Over the next several weeks the BEKH will be hosting events to share important updates and progress on BEKH to community members. We are inviting Black entrepreneurs, businesses, stakeholders, and other community organizations across the New Brunswick region to participate in these discussions.

Fri, Mar 31, 2023

BEKH Event - New Brunswick

5:30 PM
Who We Are: Black Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub

The Black Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (BEKH) is a national network of research centers involved in community-based research with a mandate to improve the lived experiences of the Black community. In December 2021, Carleton University and our community engagement partner Dream Legacy Foundation were officially established as the lead partners to the Black Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub.

Our mission is to be the national hub for Black entrepreneurship research, data, and insights in Canada by orchestrating structured, community-led research collaborations anchored in regional hubs comprised of stakeholders whose voices and participation are critical to our work. Our research will be interdisciplinary and intersectional, and we will produce outcomes in English and French that address the local and regional needs of Black entrepreneurs, community members and organizations across Canada.

Through our BEKH event, we seek to: Further introduce BEKH to community members and organizations; Connect and network with a wide range of Black entrepreneurs; Illustrate BEKH's ecosystem mapping project; Raise awareness of opportunities to participate in the co-creation of community-based research relevant to the Black entrepreneurial community.

During this event, you can: Learn about the BEKH programs; Understand the scope and current state of Black entrepreneurship in Canada; Share problems, challenges, ideas and best solutions for the Canadian Black entrepreneurship ecosystems

Please ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the workshop: At least 18+ years of age A Black entrepreneur and/or organization supporting the Canadian Black entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Located in the New Brunswick region

Resident of Canada

Note: If you need any clarifications, please contact us at:

Event Itinerary:

1. Acknowledgements 2. Welcome and introductions 3. BEKH presentation 4. Sharing BEKH updates and activities 5. Presentation on Eco-system mapping 6. Refreshments 7. Networking 8. Open discussion with all the attendees 9. Q&A 10. Closing remarks

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